These application questions are for those who are interested in joining MPPC as a participant to compete in the competition category.

You may apply for the competition individually or form a team of four (4) with team members from the same or different institutions (both local universities or abroad). You are required to write an essay of not more than 400 words as the answer to the application question of your choice. There are three (3) choices of application questions and you are required to only answer one (1) question. You may include justifications, key reasons for your findings and detailed plan(s) to execute.

Please save the application question in a PDF file format with the file name as Name_EssayQuestion Number_Participant. (e.g. JohnDoe_Essay1_Participant).
You may submit it along with your CV at the application form here.

Essays are assessed based on critical analysis, the feasibility of solutions and the creativity of solutions provided. We will shortlist the best submissions to form the final top 20 teams.
A team submission is considered one (1) submission and same goes to an individual submission which will also be considered as one (1) submission.

Please refer to the Competition Format and FAQ for further details of our event and how it works.

Application closes on 9th July 2017.

  1. Application Question 1 (Human Capital)

While human capital is the asset to the nation, many employers claimed of the mismatch between graduates and the jobs that suit their qualifications. This tension increases when Malaysia aims to transform the labour market in order to cater the needs of skilled workers.

In order to achieve the vision by the Malaysian government while resolving such issue between employees and employers, we seek to increase the competitiveness of future employees to meet both their qualifications and demands from the employers.

You are required to recommend a solution on how the government could solve this issue despite various initiatives that have been done yet its problems have not been resolved.

Useful Readings for Application Question 1 (Human Capital)

Details Website Link
Critical Time to Develop Human Capital
(New Straits Times, published on 15/11/2016)
Finding Fortunes in Foreign Lands
(The Star Online, published on 22/1/2017)
Malaysia’s Economic Success Story and Challenges
(Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), published on 11/1/2017)
Malaysia’s Skilled Labour Shortage
(The Star Online, published on 26/11/2016)
Malaysian Fresh Grads Cannot Get Jobs Because They Have Attitude Problems (, published on 10/2/2017)
The Human Capital Report 2016
(World Economic Forum, published in 2016)
Unemployment Among Graduates Needs to be Sorted Out Fast
(The Star Online, published on 25/3/2017)


2. Application Question 2 (Digitisation)

The 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dato’ Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad laid the groundwork for government policy in 1991 with his announcement of Vision 2020. The goal is for Malaysia to become a fully developed nation with a value-based society by 2020. The government sees the application of ICT across Malaysian society and the Malaysian economy both as the means to achieve developed country status, and as the crowning symbol of success. Under the Eleventh Malaysian Plan (11MP), the Public Sector ICT Strategic Plan (PSISP) formulated this combination of means and goals as the roles of information, knowledge, and “technopreneurship” working together to transform the Malaysian economy into a “knowledge economy”, and Malaysian society into a “knowledge society” — K-economy and K-society.

Vision 2020 is highly ambitious, but behind it lies the fear of the digital divide, the concern that with the emergence of the information age economy and a postindustrial world, Malaysians will be perpetually stuck in an underdeveloped condition in which the developed countries continuously shed unattractive “sunset” industries and assign them to underdeveloped countries.

If you were the Malaysian government, what would you propose to preempt the divide?

Useful Readings for Application Question 2 (Digitisation)

Details Website Link
Digital Divide: The Case of Developing Countries
(Michelle W. L. Fong, published in 2009)
How MDeC is Driving Digitisation in Malaysia (CIO Asia, published on 22/2/2016)
Key Issues for Digital Transformation in the G20 (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), published on 12/1/2017)
(pages 38-42)
National Broadband Penetration Rate Reaches 77.3%
(Free Malaysia Today, published on 30/6/2016)
The Real Challenges of Digitization is Not Technology
(Torben Rick, published on 11/1/2016)


  1. Application Question 3 (Education)

Based on the current condition of Malaysia’s education system, state a current issue that we are currently facing and the negative impact it imposes on you as a student or the student community as a whole. Following this, research ideas to resolve it.

Useful Readings for Application Question 3 (Education)

Details Website Link
Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025 List of Readings
(Ministry of Education Official Portal, updated as of 20/5/2017)
(Served as guidelines)
Many Top SPM Scorers Feel Crushed
(The Star Online, published on 19/3/2017)

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